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Printing Equipments

Sheetfed Equipment List
Heidelberg CD 102 –5LXUV five color printing machine with Inline coater. Max. Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, speed 15,000 copies per hour.
Heidelberg XL105 five colorpefector printing.Max. Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, speed 15,000 copies per hour.
Heidelberg SM 102 FP five color printing machine, max. Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, speed 12,000 copies per hour.
Heidelberg SM 102 Z two color printing machine, max. Sheet size 720 x 1020 mm, speed 12,000 copies per hour.
Heidelberg SM 52 – 5LUV, size 370 x 520 mm, speed 15,000 copies per hour.
Heidelberg Gto-52 single color printing machine, max sheet size 350 x 520 mm, , speed 8,000 copies per hour. (2 nos.)
Heidelberg Plate Scanner.
Heidelberg Prepress Interface for Cip3 job data.
Bush Pile Turner
Bush Ink Mixer
Rite 518 Reflection densitometer. 

Screen Printing Machine
THIEME Flat bed Semi automatic screen printing machine, with on line UV dryer with conveyer.
Montocop Screen preparation Printing down frame.
Screen wash and screen preparation equipments.

Web offset equipments
Web Offset – Commercial / Newspaper:

  • Manuline 16 Heat set commercial web offset press.
  • Newsline 45 coldest web offset press.
  • Hiline Express Tower – Cold set web offset press
  • Harris V-15D coldest web offset press.

Mail Room:

  • Manustack Compensating stacker
  • Gammerler Compensating Stacker
  • Interlake Kebono High Speed Strapping Machine.

Commercial Heat set Web offset Press :

  • Manuline 16 Commercial Heatset web offset printing machine

Binding and Finishing Equipments
Folding Machines:
Stahl combination folding machine KL 78 (2nos.), one with hhs gluing attachment.
Heidelberg stahl TD 78 buckle folding machine (6+6+VFZ+SBP) with round continuous feeder and automatic stacker.
Additional features: double gate fold attachment, gluing attachment, creasing against PU and map folding features.
Cutting / 3- side trimming Machine
Pollar 115 automatic programmable machine (2 nos.)
Perfecta three side trimmer.

Hard Cover Binding
Automatic thread sewing machine
Kolbus Automatic Case making machine with a speed of 2160 copies per hour.
Automatic End sheet Tipping machine, with inserting option.
Praform Book Pressing and Joint-Setting Machine (2 nos.)
Ochsner Belt Grinding machine.
Ochsner Guilding machine.
Karl Tranklein corner cutting machine.
Hunkeler Book Pressing machine.
Karl Tranklein Hydraulic Book Pressing machine.
Hunkler Glue Applicator.
Symbol Glue Applicator.
Hunkler Pressure roller press.
Corner clipping machine.
Dual Needle Leather sewing machine.

Soft Cover Binding
Perfect  binding:
Muller Martini Tigra perfect binding machine - 10 clamp binder with inline 10 station signature gatherer and cover feeder.
Sulby (10 clamp) perfect binding machine.
Sulby perfect binding machine.
CP Bourg perfect binding machine.
Muller Martini 12 station gathering line.

Saddle Stitching:
Muller Martini saddle stitching machine with 8 station signature gatherer, cover feeder and inline three side trimmer.
Hohner dual head wire stitching machine.
Single Head Wire Stitching machine (3 nos.)
MCcain 2000 saddle stitching machine with 6 station signature gatherer, cover feeder and inline three side trimmer.

C.P.Bourg loose leaf collator, 20 bin with automatic stacker.

Wire-O / Spiral Binding
Renz autobind automatic wir-o binding machine.
Swigraph Wire-o punching, cutting and closing machine.
Renz Wire-o punching, cutting and closing machine.

Comb binder
Renz Comb Binder

Morgano Rotary Numbering machine with Zacares numbering boxes, creasing and perforation attachment.Heidelberg automatic platen press with Libeinger numbering boxes.

Custom / Standard envelope, folder and box fabrication
Fidia Folder gluer for automatic fabrication of envelopes, folders, capacity folder and capacity boxes. Straub Auto double side tape applicator with dual tape applicator head.

Pop Corn Cup
85OZ Cupotech pop cornmaking machine.


Hot foil stamping / Embossing
Baier hot foil stamping and embossing machine (4 nos.)
Kluge automatic hot foil stamping machine.
KB & E semi automatic hot foil stamping machine.
Automatic B & H Foiling Machine.
Zinc / Magnesium Chemical Etching Machines
Etching machine for preparing relief metal blocks. (Magnesium / Zinc)

Die making
Complete Sandvik die making equipments and dies.

Die cutting / creasing and perforation
Delux Die cutting machine max. sheet size 700 x 1000 mm.
Heidelberg SBB flat bed cylinder press.
Graphic Whizard FM 200 Air fed Scoring and perforating machine.
Bickkel perforating and creasing machine.

Thieme Screen printing machine max. sheet size 780 x 1080 mm with UV dryer for UV spot varnishing, gluing and printing.
Montakop ST printing down frame with exposure lamp and dryer, for Spot UV / screen printing stencil preparation.
Screen printing stencil washing unit.

Champion CAGL 1020 laminating machine with non stop feeder and LSS 1020 sheeter.
Eurobond Merlin LM 88 water based laminating machine.
Thermal Lamination

Thermo Type thermography machine.

Packing and Forwarding

Shrink Wrapping
Conorme LC 800 semi automatic shrink wrapping machine.
Robopac Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine.

Mail Bag Machine
Mini Pack Torre poly bagging machine.
Poly sealing machine (4 nos.).

Bundling / Poly strapping machine
Heidelberg ATS Ultrasonic Bandar.
Keybono Poly Strapping Machine.
Stahl HSB Poly Strapping Machine.

Other equipments
Constantin Hang dual head paper drilling machine.
Count-Wise I &M sheet counting machine.
Eyeleting machine (5 nos.).

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